"In Tongues Illustrated is
a paper product that, like
toilet paper and the
Bible, belongs in every
home. Buy it and dig it or
continue on your dreary
way to the mass grave of
Nick Tosches
"Disorientation is common
when viewing scathing
white-hot truths such
as those contained in
Dockery's comics."
Jeffrey Scott Holland,
artist/writer, author of
Weird Kentucky
In Tongues Illustrated is a fifty page,
oversized (11" by 13"), graphic novel meets
art book in a signed, numbered, and limited
edition of 250 copies, printed on high
quality paper (offset, with a cover that's
offset/letterpress) and bound Chicago style.  
The first ten copies are, in addition,
lettered A-J and feature
original drawings on
the final page.
(Prices below include shipping.)

The book is $40 within the United States:

$50 outside of the United States:

The special edition is
$140 (for orders
outside the U.S.
$150).   Please first
inquire about availability (B, F, and H are
"The verbal/pictorial chum is of amputated limbs, bald, hollow-eyed, naked men, tentacled, gun-toting amorphous shapes, and
quotes from Homer, Luke, Epimenides of Knossos, and Ludlul bel nemeqi. Such juxtapositions explode order rather than lead to
it. The drawing is impenetrably crosshatched. Its blacks and blacks and more blacks hammer into one’s mind and guts. It is a
recitation without uplift — a score card of defeats. Tethers have run out. Only dead ends remain. Smoke has denoted fire and
fire burns to ash."--author
Bob Levin, The Comics Journal
"I wouldn't try to find a
plot if I were you –
there is plot (multiple
and various), and you can
hold on to it for a
couple pages or so, but
then the channel changes
and you're on to someone
else's story. There's a
femme fatale, a bumbling
super-hero, a cut-throat
gang, freak shows, a lost
hand, fishnet stockings,
mutants, Italian food,
historical nonfiction,
lots and lots of
cigarettes, a stable of
not-so-super heroes,
booze, knives, guns,
pollution, aliens... Oh,
and I think there's also
a love story in there
Brooks, "Art From the
Fringes," Chevy Chaser
"I see this dude who looks
like a young R. Crumb and
talks like Tom Waits if Tom
Waits was from Kentucky... And
this dude is from Kentucky...
And he's got this huge book
that looks really crazy called
In Tongues Illustrated... and
the artwork is mezmerizing
like it's the backwoods
basterd child of a psychedlic
Richard Sala and a countrified
Rory Hayes."--artist
Neely, "F#%kin' J.T. Dockery,"
Sparkplug Comics
And thanks to Tom,
In Tongues
included in the
Daily Cross
Hatch's "
Best Damn
Comics of 2009" as
well as The Beat's
Annual Year End
Survey as Tom's
answer to "the
biggest story in
comics in 2009."
Photo by Louis Bickett
In Tongues Illustrated is also
available through
Atomic Books